Discover SICO KITCHENWARE® vacuum storage solutions

S-Line SV Linea professionale

S-Line SV
Professional Line

NEVADA-SV Linea Semi-Pro

Nevada SV
Semi-Pro Line

NEVADA-SV Linea Semi-Pro

Home Line

Bags and rolls
for vacuum storage

Stainless steel basins
for vacuum storage

Tritan™ lids
for vacuum storage

vacuum container


The world of
Vacuum storage

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S-Line Professional
Using vacuum bags


NEVADA Semi-Pro Line
Using vacuum rolls


S-250 Premium
Using round stailess steel containers

About vacuum packaging
Since time immemorial, we have tried to preserve the food we need for our sustenance in order to prolong its freshness over time.
Vacuum storage

The vacuum storage process entails four operations: preparation, vacuum-packaging, labelling and storage. These operations must be carried out in accordance with certain rules

Vacuum storage times

Here is a brief table of storage times for foods that have been vacuum-packaged using SICO vacuum-packaging machines, reminding you that...

Advantages of vacuum packaging

SICO vacuum-packaging machines allow you benefit from the numerous advantages of the technique of vacuum storage in bags...

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