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BISVA s.r.l. is an Italian manufacturer of vacuum-packaging machines for domestic and professional use under the SICO KITCHENWARE® brand, which has been synonymous with the utmost quality in the food packaging sector since 1985.
We are able to meet the needs of butchers, delicatessens, hotels, restaurants, hunters, fishermen, chefs, and families in the delicate process of vacuum storage.

Customers from all over the world appreciate our passion for the high quality and reliability of our production, which is all strictly MADE IN ITALY.
Our products are immediately recognisable for their elegance and aesthetic refinement, which are typical of the world-renowned Italian style.

Over the years, major investments have been made in order to concentrate the entire production cycle internally, so that we can monitor the production process of our vacuum-packaging machines in real time.
Our company deals with both product design and the in-house moulding of all the plastic components of our range.
We produce out own powerful pumps and transformers, which are distinguishing elements of the quality and long life of our vacuum-packaging machines.
The assembly of our machines is also carried out exclusively in-house, and is entrusted to qualified personnel, who test every single finished product.

Company activities


Constant interaction with customers, retailers and distributors allows us to stay ahead of market trends and create new models of vacuum-packaging machines and accessories.
Our philosophy has always been to produce high quality products that are designed to last over time, and we are opposed to built-in obsolescence. We are committed to in-house production of most of our components, and to selecting the finest raw materials.

Produzione stampi


Once the design and technical characteristics of our new products have been defined, we proceed with the 3D design of all the moulds that will be used to make the components of the product. The subsequent rapid prototyping phase allows us to validate the design quality of every component and to prepare a functional prototype to be tested and submitted to our sales network for final approval.


Our moulding department uses Negri Bossi and Oima injection presses ranging from 90 to 500 tons. The presses are equipped with all the devices necessary for the thermoregulation, drying and dehumidification of technopolymers.
All the thermoplastic polymers used for moulding our products are selected after careful tests, and they are supplied to us by leading manufacturers.


In line with our philosophy of producing most of the components in-house so that we can constantly monitor their quality, we have designed, and we manufacture, the vacuum pumps and the transformers that we install in our vacuum-packaging machines. Excellent vacuum levels, suction speed and effective sealing require suitably sized and customised pumps and transformers.

Linea assemblaggio (2)


The assembly of our professional and domestic vacuum packaging machines and their related components is carried out on dedicated production lines. Our qualified personnel constantly monitor the quality of our vacuum-packaging machines throughout all their production phases. At the end of the assembly stage, all the functions of every single vacuum-packaging machine are tested before it is packed and shipped to our customers.

assistenza tecnica


Bisva S.r.l. guarantees technical and commercial assistance directly and through its retailers, distributors, and importers in Italy and abroad. We support customers in the event of problems in the operation and maintenance of our vacuum-packaging machines. We avail of a large, well-stocked spare parts warehouse so that we may rapidly meet our customers’ requirements. To ensure the quality of our products and preserve their reliability, we recommend always using original spare parts and accessories.

BISVA s.r.l’s mission is embodied in its commitment to designing, manufacturing, and distributing products of the highest quality that are able to provide families and professionals with long-lasting, reliable equipment for vacuum storage.

BISVA s.r.l. thanks all those who have chosen its products, and those who will choose them in the future.

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